"Uyy. Wala pang 5 seconds!!"

Dati, kapag nahuhulog yung chichiriya ko sa sahig, ‘matic na pupulutin ko ito agad at sasabihin, "Pwede pa to. Wala pang 5 seconds." Hindi ko lang alam noon kung trip ko lang talagang kumain na contaminated ng Escherichia coli at Staphylococcus para may dagdag na flavor o talagang dakilang scavenger lang ako.

Pero para sa’kin, yung “5-seconds-rule” na yan nung bata ako ay isang form ng backtrack. Dahil feeling ko nairewind ko in just 5-seconds yung moment na nahulog yung pagkain ko dahil nakain ko ito ulit.

Naniniwala kase ako na pwede pang pulutin ang isang bagay na nahulog na, kase, sayang

Pero siguro, that’s the irony of life. May mga bagay na hindi talaga sakop ng "5 Seconds Rule". May mga pangyayaring hindi na pwedeng bawiin pa dahil nangyari na. Mga bagay na hindi na pwedeng ibalik pa dahil nasugatan na. Minsan nga, kahit wala na yung sugat, andun pa rin yung lamat. Yung kahit pulutin mo ulit at pagpagan para magmukhang malinis, sa huli, andun pa rin yung thought na nadumihan pa rin. Kaya wala kang ibang choice kundi itapon na lang kahit nakakapanghinayang.

“Roses are not always red and I don’t understand why violets are called violets when they’re colored blue, like in life not everything is the truth and you will sometimes have no explanation why you have to go through the things that you do.”


“I destroyed my walls for you.”

Six word story

“Well you only need the light when it’s burning low,
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow,
Only know you love her when you let her go….”


Let me get this straight.

If you start talking to me everyday and night, i’m obviously gonna get attached to you. Even if I never planned to in the first place, I will. So before you start getting close to me, make sure that you won’t just suddenly leave me. Cause you know, that happens to me alot. 

i think broken people love the deepest

Dear Future Soulmate,

I’m clingy, but I’ll never admit it. I’ll check my phone every 5 minutes to see if you’ve replied to something I’ve drafted numerous times in my head. I’ll get anxious when you don’t answer me back for a long time, and I’ll think to myself maybe you’ve had enough of me. Yet when your message finally comes, it doesn’t matter what you’ve said because the simple act of replying assures me that you’re still mine. At least, for the time being it will.

I’ll get jealous a lot, but please don’t misconstrue it as me tying you down. I won’t get jealous because I want you all to myself, no. I want you to be able spend time with family, friends, and everyone else in between. I’ll get jealous because maybe, just maybe you’ll find something special in someone else, as you did with me. I’ll be weary that maybe you’ll look at someone just as how you look at me, or your heart will begin to wander somewhere else.

I’m insecure, and it’s of no fault of your own. When I say something a little negative about myself, it’s not a cry for attention nor is it me wanting you to disagree with me. It’s me just being me. Before you, I’ll probably never imagine in a million years that you’d be mine. So by virtue of the fact that we’re together makes me even more insecure. But let me make something clear, I won’t be bagging on myself all the time. I know what talents I possess, what I excel in, the aspects in my physique that work in my favor, and so on. I’m just more vocal on the things which fall in the opposite categories.

I’ll possess many faults, and I’m not looking for you to fix them. I think when I finally meet you, I’ll be more accepting of these faults than I am now. All I’m asking is that you accept them with me.

I know this letter seems to be focusing on the negative things about me, and it’s quite a bit to take in… so let me make a change of pace.

I’ll always love you. When we’re finally acquainted, and we finally begin to personify the definition of love for one another, I’ll never need another definition. I’ve told myself countless times that I would never cheat on someone because I know what that feels like. I’ll love you more than I love myself and I know that isn’t too great but that’s just how I am. I’m going to fall in love with the way your smile dances across your face every time you see me, I’ll fall in love with the way you lose yourself in the things you love, I’ll fall in love with the way your voice fluctuates depending on how you’re feeling, I’ll fall in love with the way you say my name, and I’ll most definitely fall in love with so much more. I’ll study everything about you, I’ll remember the slightest details about you and your life. I’ll know what you look like when you’re upset without you having to say a word, I’ll know how you like your coffee in the morning, I’ll know how long it takes you to get ready before we go out, I’ll know most of the trivial things about you and the rest I’ll learn along the way. I pray you’ll be able to do the same as well.

If you’re still reading, and you haven’t run away… I’ll probably be sitting across from you looking insanely nervous and insecure. I’d be sitting with my legs folded under me on the chair anxiously waiting for your reaction. On top of that I’ll probably be ready to burst into tears of happiness or tears of sadness.

So to end this letter, which my actual soulmate will read once the time comes… I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for giving me a reason to live again, thank you for proving to me that love really is meant for me, and thank you for being my reason to be alive.

Love, Your Future Soulmate

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